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Garage door springs' lifecycle for 10k cycles or longer or shorter, depending on how often you use your garage door. When you call asking for garage door spring replacement in Farmington Hills, MI, you will find us replacing both torsion & extension springs at the same time. This will make both of them last for a longer time.

When one of the springs breaks, the other will still be working the door, so you can get your car inside & out without being stuck. The broken spring repair & replacement process is considered to be very risky & dangerous as it should be done only by experts like Wide River Garage Repair Farmington Hills, MI. Call us now to fulfill your needs at an affordable cost!

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Reasons For Broken Garage Door Springs

When your overhead door springs get break, sometimes this could result from wear & tear over the years. Probably this could be because of a weak part! However, there is no need to worry when this happens as long as Wide River Garage Repair Farmington Hills, MI, is always here for you. We work only with high-quality parts such as springs.

All our experienced installation & replacement techs in Farmington Hills, MI, are always here for you! Springs are built to last & offering you a long lifespan. We offer you same-day garage door repair services. Thus, if you have any concerns about our services, call us today without any worry, as we are the cheapest in town!

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Garage Springs Replacement Isn't A DIY

You might not realize that, but garage door springs play an important role whenever you use your garage door. They are specially designed to balance the door's weight while it closes or opens. They work on making your door easily open the door yourself without any garage door opener! So, when anything goes wrong with your garage door springs, count on our Farmington Hills, MI experts.

Do not ever try to replace your garage door springs on your own, as this is very dangerous, especially if you do not know how to do so. Instead, all you should do is call Wide River Garage Repair Farmington Hills, MI, professionals who can work on replacing your garage door safely without causing any extra damage and at affordable prices.

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